Non Profit & Charity Fund Raising St Albans Using Social Media

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Non Profit & Charity Fund Raising St Albans Using Social Media

A big thank you to everyone who voted for St Albans District Credit Union in the Nat West Community Challenge – they won!   £6,275 coming into the District to help the homeless – yes even in affluent St Albans District we have a problem with homelessness….. In fact it’s our wealth & affluence that causes the problem – we are so expensive….

Non Profit & Charity Fund Raising St Albans Using Social Media

When you see that we won with only 278 votes you may not consider this much of a success – only 278 people engaged. Well, there is a simple reason for this. Nat West made it stupidly difficult to enter the process to begin with – they clearly have their ulterior motives to sponsor the project. To vote you had to give basic details about yourself including your email address, then wait for an email to be sent confirming you own the email address, click on the confirmation link & then, only then were you allowed to vote.

Note to other competition organisers – if you want to get value for your brand & raised name awareness & profile – don’t make the process overly complicated you will end up damaging your brand – upsetting people because it’s overly complex………

Nat West clearly don’t understand how to get value from using online processes – probably because the process was controlled by compliance & offline marketers…. I am investigating!

They were being greedy & wanted to compile their own volunteer database – Nat West there are much better ways of doing this! So Nat West made it difficult! Every charity & non profit had the same problem to deal with – if Nat west analyse their web analytics I am prepared to bet that < 1% of page views converted into votes. That’s a potential engagement of 27,800 a healthier figure……

Charity Fund Raising St Albans Using Social Media

So if you are interested in raining your profile as a charity or non profit in an easy to use way & connect with people that would like to support you get in touch with me & I’ll show you how it can simply be done.

Ivor Kellock



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