5 Reasons Why As A CEO You Should Get Social

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5 Reasons Why CEOs Should Get Social

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Jobs in St Albans

Jobs in St Albans are changing forever which means that the CEO role is changing too – how much do you understand this?

St Albans Companies

St Albans companies & charities you are being driven by different forces some of which are now completely out of your control

Agents in St Albans

Agents in St Albans are you aware of this too?

Business Classes In St Albans

Business Classes In St Albans now exist to help you understand some of the opportunities & intricacies associated with our changing world

The Printing Press

This changed the world forever in the mid 1400’s. Clerics paid, fed & educated by the church dominated any style of education as we understand schooling & shared knowledge today. They had the skills to write & store information.

The printing press allowed for the mass publication & therefore circulation of knowledge, fun & shared resources. No longer would knowledge need to be lost in time as people & families died. This was the start of the information age.

Roll forward 750 years to today & we are again living on a cusp of a revolution

This time though we have new information resources – not books but the internet – & instead of being tied to one platform – the book – we have many – phone, tablet, laptop, home computer, interactive TV, interactive radio, interactive cinema.

All searchable from pretty much where ever you want! Not only this we can also  share our thoughts, feelings, ideas & doubts with friends, family & the wider world at the same time – 2 way communication anytime any where.

This is your challenge – grasping this opportunity whilst recognising the threat – to you, your position, your brand, your company.

Social Media allows your competition to quickly outpace you, take your market, your staff & your livelihood………

Yes this is evangelist but it’s happening all around you now as you read – how are you tackling this?

Not getting involved is no longer viable, Facebook has 900m+ subscribers, Linkedin 135m+, Twitter 200m+ – they are here to stay!

Having read the infographic above which is designed to whet your appetite I would be delighted to have an informal chat with you at nil cost to help you get your head around this complex but game changing conundrum.

The opportunities are now beginning to open up before us

I wish you every success! Ivor +447782193093

Ivor Kellock Internet Marketing St Albans
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