Biz With Ivor Internet & Social Media Discussion From St Albans Radio Show 21 05 12

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How To Sell

  • A guide on selling for you if you’re a complete novice
  • A guide for you if you’re an expert sales person wanting to improve your skills & knowledge or wish to move into sales management
  • How to sell for entrepreneurs
  • How to sell a product
  • How to be great at sales
  • Sales training
  • What are sales techniques
  • How to be a sales rep
  • Sales motivational
  • Sales skills
  • Skills in sales
  • Skills for sales

Phil Polson author of Sales Drive

The Definitive No Brainer – Street Smart Guide To Sales Stardom

The audio has 2 gaps where the skype call was dropped!

Please fast forward or keep listening as Phil does share all 10 of his top sales tips! 

Listen to
internet radio with LinkedLocalNetwork on Blog Talk Radio

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Dr Norman Vincent Peale the father of Positive Thinking

Jim Rohn who was Anthony Robbins mentor

Zig Ziglar

Deepak Chopra

Wayne Dyer

Louise L Hay

Dr Dennis Waitley

Learn how to sell by listening to Phil Polson the author of Sales Drive share his

definitive no brainer – street smart guide to sales stardom………


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