Top 10 Signals That Your Management Just Doesn’t ‘’Get’’ Social Media

May 28, 2012 at 8:44 am | Posted in Social Media Internet Marketing Web Design | Leave a comment

The top 10 signals that your management just doesn’t ‘’get’’ social media are:

10. They start telling you anecdotes about how their children use social media, then start shaking their heads.

9. They get somebody to ghostwrite their blogs.

8. They ban access to social media because people will waste time or “someone might say something bad about us.”

7. They say, “Our customers are over 40, so they aren’t on Facebook or Twitter.”

6. They put a summer intern in charge of the social media ‘‘project’’.

5. They ask, “Why do I need input from social media? All the really smart people already work for us.”

4. They say, “Show me an enterprise that increased its revenue by using social communications.”

3. They don’t define the purpose, but want to try ‘‘something’’ to ‘‘see what happens’’.

2. They insist that every communication be approved before it’s posted on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, or other social networking site.

1. They think that creating a Facebook fan page is a social media strategy.

Written by Carol Rozwell from Gartner a well respected tech info organisation it makes me chuckle that her LinkedIn profile is well below par – written as a corporate – in the third person – no individual personality, no humanity,  no engagement, no video or pictures or blog links or article sharing!

They might have the research capability & intellect but they certainly or to be fair Carol doesn’t get social media where it really matters – on the one to one level – which is what human communication is all about – isn’t it?

This has to be the biggest gap in all corporate thinking forgetting what it’s all about to be a human when there’s so much more fun had talking about IT strategy or integration or data management or supply chain rationalisation…… 😉

Look at Carols LinkedIn profile page –

Or she does get it but is not allowed to be social because of Gartner communications policy? Not a point covered on the top 10 list!

Or forgotten about her profile so it’s old & out of date?

Or by working for a large organisation they still haven’t got what the basic tenet of social media & communications is – 1 2 1 – 2 way chat – sharing useful & valuable information – building relationships….

Now you might consider me a little harsh here but if a global consulting firm presents like this what hope is there for corporates wanting to learn?

I am getting in touch with Carol to ask for her response – let’s see what happens!

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