Fake LinkedIn Accounts – How To Spot Them

August 20, 2012 at 5:59 am | Posted in Social Media Internet Marketing Web Design | 1 Comment

I have today received 3 emails selling me the same list for 10,000 connections on LinkedIn – promising me no IDK or Spam – ironic coming from a spammer!

No one either can guarantee no IDK – I Don’t Know – even with Open Networkers – LION – LinkedIn Open Networkers……

Now I freely admit I connected to these fake accounts in the first place but come on……..;-)

So take a look at the pictures below – to understand some of the common characteristics of fake profiles.

Very little profile info – usually on fake accounts they have 1 or 2 jobs, a university mentioned & a simple job title – HR Manager is popular – Author is popular here with these 3 – you can’t message them, their connections are closed off, they are truly international people ie they say they are in London, their education wa somewhere else on the planet & they worked in another country.

Very often the names are written in lower case

If they have websites on the profile they are usually nothing to do with the profile & very often the sites only have one or 2 pages – a quick website upload to add authenticity……

Beware & take note

Finally do a Google Image search on the profile picture

Right click on the picture & copy the image url – then paste into http://images.google.com/ – this is how I found Kate! & the Emo hair style model!

Hope this helps you – feel free to ask me questions about this….. Ivor

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