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Currently (December 2011) Ivor has an extended global network of >13,500 first level connections on Linkedin allowing easy access to 21,000,000 people on LinkedIn. Ivors main Twitter account has >22,000 followers.

Since 2008 Ivor has supported social media campaigns, arranged & managed events, run online campaigns, supported causes and assisted organisations develop their web presence.

Ivor has got deeply involved in the social media & internet world – all used to assist, promote and community build.

Ivor has had a number of notable successes to date directly attributable to his efforts on My Space (less used now) Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

If you want to understand how social media can streamline your communications, improve your communications, save you money, develop deep rich communities, attract clients and volunteers, distribute information to your stakeholders, clients, volunteers or wider community Greg and Ivor have all the necessary skills to help you develop your online communication strategy.

Remember this is all easy to implement – if you can use Microsoft Office you can accomplish this! This is about understanding your audience not about being a techie……..

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About your trainer Ivor Kellock

  • Ashridge Business School Graduate
  • Google trained
  • Ecademy trained
  • Wholesaled and retailed financial products successfully since 1986
  • Previously an Independent Financial Adviser advising Small Medium sized Enterprises
  • Established networks for solicitors and accountants offline
  • Created successful study groups for Independent Financial Advisers
  • Commented on international finance on BBC TV news
  • Commented on international finance on international TV
  • Regular contributor on national and local radio
  • Commented in national and international press
  • Assisted a young persons video win an international competition using social media
  • Filled venues promoting events using social media
  • Promoted international voting for a global leadership award successfully using social media
  • Mastered automation techniques simplifying your marketing
  • Google Wave early invitee (web 3.0 technology)
  • Goodwill Ambassador Social Networking International
  • Chairperson Thought Leaders Group Social Networking International
  • Local Strategic Partnership (LSP) committee member St Albans – Economic Sustainability
  • Member of IoD
  •  Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce member
  • Established St Albans Advisory Group for Herts Chamber
  •  St Albans Chamber of Commerce member

Ivors 50 Words from

Family, Lily, Play, Good food, Sex Pistols, Peace, Gender Equality, Climate Change, Social Media & Communication Training, Social Enterprise, Wealth Protection, Independent, Ingenious, Innovative, Informative, Educator, Contrarian, Community, 6 Degrees Of Separation, Values Based Advice, How To Grow Your Business, Raising Finance, Business Sale, Exit Strategy, How Much Is Enough, How To Sell Your Business, Succession & Legacy Planning, Social Wealth Management, Wealth Creator, Humour, Chef, FSB, Herts Chamber, IoD, Politics

Click here to see some of Ivors TV Appearances

December 2009 Ivor takes part in a studio discussion on The Agenda, Press TV’s international discussion show. Ivor discusses with the panel Ethical Investments and Climate Change

Ivor comments on stories in today’s headlines December 18 2008

Ivor comments on The G20 summit in Washington immediately after it closes November 15 2008

Friday October 10 2008 Ivor comments in the Guardian Newspaper

October 2008 Ivor sits on a prestigious panel advising financial advisers about succession planning and exit strategy

| About Us | About Ivor |Contact

Contact Ivor

01727 870613



skype: ivorkellock

View Ivor Kellock's profile on LinkedIn

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Ivor Kellock


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