7 misconceptions about social media

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Social Media Training for Business in a Day

We would recommend that Social Media should be part of a multi faceted multi dimensional marketing and communications strategy

Getting new customers by traditional methods is difficult. Knock on a door or make a phone call, and you’ll be rejected. But send a social media connect request, and you’ll be accepted, because people are there to network with other people.

Acquisition and continuing to sell to/advise customers is the life blood & oxygen of all business.

Whatever business you are in TRUST is the mainstay of any relationship that leads to transactions. Why not then share your expertise online demonstrating & promoting your skills & insight that will then attract clients/customers to you? and show recommendations from satisfied clients in all in one place

Establishing trust to a point of transaction can only happen once a face to face (off line) meeting has occurred. Social media assists you in the process of developing relationships to the point of your prospective client saying – it’s time for a meeting now! All you have to do now is maintain a new  existing relationship!

Did you know that over 700,000 local businesses have active Pages on Facebook source Facebook

Our strategies help you overcome the objections of

  • I haven’t got time to meet you
  • Why do we need to meet
  • I am not involved in your market
  • Who are you and your company

Allowing you to engage with them to the point of saying

  • Why don’t we meet up now to fully answer this point
  • I don’t understand this but like what you are saying
  • You have received a number of recommendations so I feel that we should meet
  • You write a lot of sense I value your opinion can you help me with this………

Keeping in touch with your stakeholders by traditional methods is time consuming but if you connect with them through social media they’ll broadcast what they’re doing and you can do the same. You’ll track how their circumstances and needs are changing whilst they’ll hear about updates to your product or service -naturally and without the need for newsletters – saving you resource and removing a task that no one wants to maintain!


Promoting Your Business

  • Promote events & stay in touch with people
  • Connect easily with people you meet at networking events and keep in touch simply
  • Add to your professional image and profile
  • Obtain referrals by allowing prospective clients to join groups & discussions you manage
  • Unsolicited approaches to connect to people online are generally welcomed
  • Reading someone else’s profile helps you target your marketing
  • Write more business managing more relationships with more effective communication
  • Professional coaching to publish profiles and articles
  • Get into the mind of your audience
  • Attracting people to you. Who likes cold calling?
  • Working smarter not harder online for offline success

Our training will outline this entire process for you

Course content

  • Overview of social media putting today’s communication environment into context
  • Brief resume of terminology
  • Become an expert, dominate your space, become more widely known, law of attraction
  • What is your core focus, vision and mission
  • What’s your strategy? Who are your target markets? Understand/create tribal patterns
  • Creating your personal profile – do’s/don’ts and how to
  • Promoting events
  • Creating discussions
  • Sharing media content
  • Posting a blog
  • Hints & tips, do’s & don’ts using widely used platforms (gained from experience)
  • Automating your strategy – hints and tips on saving time, effort & monitoring
  • Training will involve individual/group work & multimedia
  • The future – a brief introduction to web 3.0 inc Google Wave
  • The power of email
  • Mobile technology
  • Assisting your PR with social media
  • Your connection to our world will be more purposeful
  • You will leave with a full sense of purpose, understanding and fulfilment

Each course is individually tailor made to your organisations requirements.

Ask us how and how much now


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