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Social Media Training St Albans Herts

Traditional methods of working and communication are being abandoned. Our current ways don’t seem to quite work. The next way is here – we just need to learn how to use it. What is it? Social Media of course!

Social Media Levels The Playing Field

Never has the marketing and communications playing field been so level, dynamic and exciting. It is possible as a small business or charity to compete with organisations significantly larger than yourself – with much much bigger budgets than you have – to control an internet space for you.

Social Media Training Guides Your Future

We can train you and show you how. Social media or the networked economy is here to stay and part of our future. If you think the world is changing too fast, leaving you behind, we can quickly show you how to learn, catch up and overtake your competition! Knowledge is power.

Social Media Training in St Albans Herts

We are seasoned trainers and practitioners in the art and science that is social media. Based in St Albans Herts we are ideally placed to connect you to our rapidly shrinking world.

So the world is changing rapidly! Social media is here to stay. Grow your organisation with our holistic approach.

This video gives you a feel for how the different media types are converging and how the world of advertising , TV, Radio and the printed word are all struggling to survive due to competition from the internet and social media. Join in with the revolution.

How can social media help your organisation? How can our training give you a bigger more focussed voice?

How do you get started? Train with seasoned masters to enhance the image, reputation and voice of your organisation.

How do you integrate social media into your organisations existing strategy?

How do you target your audience?

What metrics do you apply and how do you measure your performance?

We have simple answers to all of these questions!

Our world is changing rapidly; economically, socially, technologically and politically. Consider this. In October 1969 the internet was born with a few computers linked. 20 years later our modern internet began. Today email is the norm. Where will we be in 10 or 20 years time? Social media is rapidly developing and changing the whole communication industry.

Our world today is a fundamentally different place to that of even a decade ago. Were you regularly emailing then? In 10 years time email will be seen as old technology as new platforms evolve and take shape. Google are at the forefront of this with Google Wave.

The mobile phone or similar portable device will replace clunky boxed PC’s we use now as we embrace cloud computing and communicate via hand held devices over the web.

Joining Up The Dots that is the rapidly developing world of social media.

Now is the time to start learning how you can capitalise on an increasingly connected world. Implementing subtle communication strategy changes now will reward you in the future with success.

Sir Tim Berners Lee the father of the modern internet (developed http protocol for which he was knighted) is now working on a project for mass data and information sharing (so called web 3.0) which will allow us all to be more connected online making our experience richer, more effective, more engaging and quicker. This of course can only happen if we all choose to engage!

The more of us that engage now the more we will have a say in the development of this and other technology. Much of the current technologies available evolve at the need or request of users.

For the first time ever; as individuals and organisations (of any size) we have the ability to publish information and distribute it to a wide audience at zero capital cost. You do not have to invest in printing presses, stamps, envelopes, paper, advertising on TV and Radio. How many million £’s would you need today to establish a new newspaper? Many!

This presupposes of course you have a computer and are connected to the internet. Whichever way you look at and hear what we are saying here – there is a revolution happening around us………….

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We trust that this has been of use to you………… please leave your comments below and we wish you every success in your endeavours.

St Albans Herts leading the way in holistic social media advice and training.

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